Thursday, February 16, 2017


"They can imitate you
But they can't duplicate you
Cause you got something special
That makes me wanna taste you
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's wrong
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's
Whatcha gon
Whatcha gon do with that dessert." Dessert by Darwin

I headed to work early on Monday to complete my responsibilities before I could help out with patients now that Vincent wasn't working with us. I was overlooking the patients' charts when Monica dropped by the office. Dr. Fahri left a release for one of her players so she came to pick it up.

"Um, let me ask you something." I started as I handed over the signed release. "Did you tell Uriel about the night he met me?"

Monica eyes widen. "No. Why do you ask?"

"No reason." I shrugged. There really was no reason- I still wasn't going to call him. I was just curious how he remembered my birthday cake when he claimed he didn't before.

"Hmmm...ok. What are you doing here so early anyway?"

I explained to her about Vincent's sudden exit.

"Hmph. Good riddance. I know you're not sad to see him go." Monica replied.

"Yes and no. His attitude sucked, but I wished he would have stayed longer so we would have had a replacement for him."

"Are you getting help in the evenings?"

"Dr. Fahri is going to pop in more, but other than that, I'm just going to pick up the slack."

"So you're working two jobs for the time being?"

"I don't mind.  He just left at a bad time. Normally I don't have anything better to do. This week my cousin is finally coming to visit me."

"Do you have anything planned this weekend?"

"Not sure where or when, but I gotta take her somewhere."

"Friday my husband is dragging me to an event for one of the sponsors for the Mavericks. Y'all should come."

I gave her an amused look. "As excited as you sound to go, I'm gonna pass."

"It's not going to be fun for me- I have to hang out with the booze bags wives and girlfriends."

"Are they that bad?"

She shook her head. "Worse. But if you wanna come enjoy the music and drinks without the pack of hyenas, give me a call."

I laughed. "Ok, I will..."

I waved goodbye as she left. I hurried home that night so I could watch the Grammy's. I ate cookies for dinner so I wouldn't miss anything. Christian category wasn't televised, but I looked up the results while I was watching. When it was announced the album that he worked on won, I sent him a celebratory text.

The following morning, Shawnee posted on her Snapchat a ton of videos from the after parties, shouting out and congratulating Christian. I noticed a lot of Christian's manager's Hugo snaps included Christian with random and well known women. I didn't let it bother me; I had no claim on Christian and I wasn't going to worry about things I couldn't control. I did step aside at work when he called me back that day.

"Hey Grammy award winning artist Christian." I smiled as I answered the phone.

"No, I'm part of the production team who's album won a Grammy."

"Don't try to minimize your accomplishment- it's a Grammy either way! That's huge!"

"Trying to stay humble."

"Being humble doesn't work as well as being aware." I quoted to him.

"Who said that?"

"I just did."

"I meant, who did you steal that from?"

"Ohmygosh, you don't know? The Grammy winner doesn't know?" I teased.

"No. I'm looking it up right now."

"Go ahead! Just be aware that while you have a Grammy, I stumped you." I goaded.

"Fucking Drake! That shit is going to bother me all day." Christian groaned.

"Bye Grammy winner!"

Bianca arrived in town Thursday afternoon. I felt bad I wasn't able to pick her up and take her to my house, but work was crammed enough. Adil had yet to make an appearance like he said he would, so I had to stay on top of everything myself.

Bianca planned to rent a car anyway and could GPS her way to my house. I hid a key in my backyard for her. While I was hiding the key, I got a call from the animal hospital. They wanted me to complete a survey about when Justine had surgery. I left a rave review, while also requesting the number to the vet that treated Justine. I wanted his opinion on her dental care. When she transferred me to his extension, I got his voicemail. I left a message with my number requesting a call back.

When I got home that night, I entered through the garage and Justine came running, meeting me in the laundry room. Bianca followed, and I moved away from Justine to gave her a hug.

"It's been too long!" I said, embracing her enthusiastically.

"I know! You look gorgeous!" she declared, equally excited to see me.

"Bullshit! Let me take a look at you." I said, pulling away to look her over. She struck a model pose, and I laughed at her. She always been naturally skinny, but now her arms and legs looked tightly toned in a sleeveless top and snug fitting pants. Her hair was a striking deep chocolate brown, cut in stylish long layers to her back. She looked incredible- but so much more older than when I last saw her. I wasn't sure why that was...

"So?" Bianca said, expectantly.

"Eh, nothing a cheeseburger won't fix."

"I knew you were going to say that!"

"C'mon. I'll give you the official tour!"

"Are you kidding? I already went through every room." she said, following me.

"That's why I said official."

I took Bianca to every room of my house again. She loved the furniture my dad picked out for the living room, I had to explain Sammy's makeshift bar in my kitchen, she commented that the dinning room looked familiar, picked a guess room to sleep in and hopped on my bed while I changed clothes.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked as I removed my scrubs and changed into jeans and a top.


Over dinner, she told me about Tahiti, the swimsuit and clothing line she was working on, and the real reason she was in Dallas for the next few days.

"Jorge Marta is franchising his boutiques across the country. He has a shop opening in Dallas, Austin, Vegas and Seattle this year. It would be huge if we can get him to carry the line in his store. He's going to be in town for his grand opening Saturday." She explained, excitedly.

"Ohhh!" I cut her off, feigning outrage. "So that's what this trip is? Not to visit your only cousin that misses and loves you dearly?" I wasn't really upset- well, maybe a tad that she wasn't here to just see me. Any ill feelings I had disappeared when I saw how excited she was.

"If this deal goes through, the first shipments of clothes goes to his boutique- the second will go to you."

"Hmmph. I don't even know what these clothes look like."

"I designed them- that's all you need to know."

I smiled at her confidence. "True enough."

I took a deep breath and asked what was really on my mind. "Have you spoken to your mom?"

"No." she said bluntly.

"Do you plan to reach out?"

"Do you plan to reach out to yours? I know Ben got you her contact information."

I shook my head. "It's not the same."

"It kinda is, considering they both made the choice not to be a part of our lives- no matter the reason." Bianca said, coldly. I didn't have an argument for that, so I said nothing. My phone rang, breaking the tension between us. I quickly answered the unknown caller.

"Lily? This is Scott Chapman from Legacy Pet Hospital."

"Hi Dr. Chapman. Thank you so much for returning my call." I said, shooting Bianca an apologetic glance. She waved me off and pulled out her phone.

"My apologizes for calling this late. I just checked my messages. How is Justine doing?" he asked.

I explained to him the same thing I told her Vet- I just wanted a second opinion.

"She did just have surgery, I wouldn't want anyone putting anymore strange objects in my mouth if I was in her shoes." he said, lightly.

"I get that. I guess my only option is to put her asleep for cleanings?" I resigned.

"That maybe necessary if she continues to have problems. Try introducing her to you cleaning her teeth gradually. Start with something that she likes- say peanut butter. That was the only way I got my dog to take medicine- covering it with peanut butter. Try peanut butter first, than switch to toothpaste." he explained.

"Oh wow, thank you so much for that. I'm definitely going to try that." I said, grateful for a plan.

"Ok, call me back if you or your boyfriend have any questions or concerns." he offered.

"Just me, but I'll call. Thank you." I said goodbye before hanging up. When Bianca was done texting and smiling at her phone, I explained to her what was going on with Justine.

"So how was San Francisco? I mean, before you left?" she asked.

"Eh, it was ok. Kinda bummed I missed the Suberbowl though, but it was still fun."

"So you and Christian had fun?" she continued.

"For the most part." I replied before telling her what I knew she wanted to know. "Nothing happened between us, but we are dating." It was the first time I said it out loud. It didn't sound that weird anymore.

"Dating?" she gasped at me.

"Yeah...Casually. Just getting to know each other." I explained.

"How do you do that- long distance?"

"Um, lots of talking on the phone. He actually came out to see me last week."

Her eyes widen. "For Valentine's?"

"A little before that, but basically."

She was quiet, I could see the wheels spinning in her head.

"What is it? Because this will be the only time I'm taking comments about it." I joked.

"How did you get to know someone over the phone? That's not real- he can just tell you what you want to hear."

"I mean, you can be face to face with someone and they only tell you what you want to hear. I'm trusting that he's being real with me like I'm real with him."

"I've heard things from Noelle about him-"

"And I heard things from Christian about her, but that's up for you to determine right?"

"Right." she admitted, reluctantly. "Just... Be careful ok?"

"I am. I promise, he's not my boyfriend. No commitment. We're just talking, getting to know each other." I reiterated.

"Gotcha." she nodded. We both went back in line for Ice cream cones for dessert. Bianca moaned as she devoured her treat.


"You have no idea. It's been forever since I had ice cream. Noelle doesn't do sugar."

"How do you not do sugar?"

"Easy. Everything she eats is natural. Organic. Nothing processed."

"What does that have to do with you?"

"I try to eat better too. Besides, it makes you taste better. Noelle taste like pineapples."

"Eww fucking gross!!! I'm trying to enjoy my dessert!" I hurried away from her to the car While she laughed at me.

Friday night, when I got home Bianca already set out an outfit for me for the party. I took a shower, got dressed, did my make-up and was finishing my hair when Christian video called me.

"Hey Grammy winner." I smiled at him.

He returned my smile, broadly. "Still with that?"

"Always with that! You know how many Grammy wining artists I know?" I questioned him.

"I don't know; how many?"

"7 but you're my favorite."

"Wow... Thanks. You make me feel special."

I giggled. "Whatever. How many girls have made you feel special after you invited them home to see your Grammy?"

He chuckled at me. "0, but I don't have it yet. You wanna be the first?"

I nodded. "Let me know when you get it."

"You getting ready to go out?"

"Yeah. One of the athletic trainers for the Mavericks invited us to a party."

"So you're getting sexy for him?"

"She is married, but I still hopes she likes it."

"Let me see if I like it. Stand up."

I giggled and stood up, straightening the gorgeous grey dress Bianca got for me. It had high neckline and went down all the way pass my knees, hugging my curves. The thigh high slit added a touch of sexiness to the dress.

"Prop the camera up so it's facing the mirror." He instructed me. I did what he asked, watching his reflection through the mirror as he watched me.

"Now spin around." he commanded.

 I did.


I did it again, slowly, and he rapped to me.
"You just like my sidekick, I just wanna wife. Fulfill all your desires. Keep you in the front, never in the back. And never on the side. You a real ass woman and I like it. I don't wanna fight it-"

I laughed at him, dancing around. He stopped rapping to watch me, a smile plastered on his face.

When my door busted open, I quickly sat down at my vanity. I blushed as Bianca looked me over, cautiously.

"What are you laughing about?" Bianca asked me.

"Nothing. I'm taking to Christian." I said, grabbing my phone and giving Christian a little smile.

They gave each other weak hellos before Bianca backed out the room. "I'll wait for you in the living room."

"Ok." I told her. He waited for the door to close before saying, "She doesn't knock?"

"Not when it's just us." I smiled, hopping it'll take some of the awkwardness away. It lingered for a moment before I asked Christian. "Who'd you steal that rap from?"

"Maybe I wrote it for you."


"No. You don't recognize Drake? I stumped you?" he grinned.

"What Drake song was that?" I exclaimed. I didn't sound familiar at all.

"Fire and Desire from Views."

"Hey! That's not out yet!" I complained.

"I got connections. I'll send it to. Listen to that song first. It reminds me of you."

"You know what song reminds me of you?" I said sweetly.

"What's that?"

"Cheater cheater pumpkin eater." I sang to him.

He laughed at me. "Bye. Have fun tonight."

After hanging up, I finished my outfit with a pale purple cardigan and grey booties. Bianca was waiting for me in purple leggings, a black sweater and a oversized gray vest. Black stiletto heels and a silver pendant around her neck finished her look. With her hair slicked back, a smokey eye and nude lip, she looked effortlessly elegant and sexy at the same time. I would have been envious of her abundance of style if it wasn't what she did for a living and she didn't share with me.

"So you have us matching? How cute."

"What?" she asked, putting her phone away.

"You purple tights, grey vest? Me purple cardigan, gray dress?" I pointed out

"Your dress is pewter and the cardigan is mauve. These tights are magenta and the vest is charcoal."

"Right. Purple and gray."

"Let's go." she instructed me with a smile.

The party was everything Monica said it would be; we had a blast. The wives and girlfriends were over the top. They drank like fish, called each other derogatory nicknames, and were the loudest group in the VIP section; but they were fun. When Stanky Leg came on, a girlfriend pulled me up on one of the couches to do the dance with her. I dragged Bianca and Monica to the dance floor when Formation by Beyonce came on, threating them with the wrath of the Beehive if they were caught out of formation. Majority of the ladies joined us and left VIP to dance wildly on the floor.  After a few songs, Monica, Bianca and I retired back to the VIP section.

"Hey guysss!" Monica exclaimed, excitedly rushing to her husband Trent's side. Beside him was Uriel, and he gave me and Bianca an appraising look before standing up and offering us a seat.

"Thanks." I smiled, greeting Trent and Uriel, introducing them to Bianca. We both sat down and I made sure I took the outside with Bianca next to me.

"Hey! Now you two can talk to each other instead of asking me questions!" Monica announced, pointing to Uriel and me.

"I asked one question pertaining to him but it was for you Monica!" I clarified.

Monica shrugged, looking at Uriel. "I did ask her where you went on Vacation." he turned to me then. "How was the Superbowl?" Uriel asked.

"I didn't get to see it. I had to come back because my dog got sick." I explained.

"Sorry for your loss." he told me.

I balked at him. "She's still alive! Just lost a tooth."

"Ok. Sorry you missed the Superbowl then... And that she lost her tooth." he said, smoothly. I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not. I nodded but didn't respond.

"Are you a dog or a cat person?" Bianca asked him.

"If I had to pick, dog." he answered.

"So is Lily! You two should talk!" Bianca encouraged him while I narrowed my eyes at her.

"I don't think she wants to talk to me. I left her my number, but she never called." He admitted.

"She's not the kinda girl who's going to call a guy. You gotta get her number." Bianca coached him.

"Really? Y'all are going to talk about me like I'm not here?" I cut in. They continued like I said nothing.

"I thought she didn't call because she has a boyfriend. She said she did when we met."

"She doesn't! She's causally dating at the moment." Bianca hinted to him.

"Would getting cake fall into the category of casually dating?" He asked Bianca but winked at me.

"I guess it would depend on the type of cake you're talking about." Bianca played along.

"Well what kind of cake does Lily prefer?"

"She has no preference when it comes to cake. Cupcakes, cheesecakes, snack cakes, she's all for it." Bianca grinned, suggestively.

"Alright. Bye!" I announced, standing up.

Bianca laughed. "I'll shut up now."

Before I could sit back down, she scooted over making me swipe seats with her. Uriel gave me a challenging look, and I sat down next to him.

We changed to neutral subjects and talked among each other until it was time to go. Uriel stood with us while we waited for our Uber outside.

"Can I get your number?" he asked me.

"I don't know. You're pretty forgetful. You might just forget to call." I played him off.

"I didn't forget you; I thought you had a boyfriend. Why don't you come get cake with me- then decide about giving me your number." He asked.

"I'll think about it." I told him before our car pulled up.

"Are you trying to date anyone besides Christian?" Bianca asked me as soon as we took off.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "I thought we talked about Christian."

"This is not actually about him. It's about you-actually dating and seeing what's out there. You've never done that before."

"If I meet someone I wanna hang out with, I will." I ended the conversation at that.

Saturday Morning, Rocky and I went to get our hair and nails done while Bianca opted to stay home to strategize with Noelle about the store opening.

When I came home, Bianca was doing some complicated yoga poses with a humidifier type thing pumping weird fragrances in the air.

"The fuck?" I asked her.

"Shh. Seriously, don't start. I need this time." she said, cracking an eye at me.

"I don't even know where to start. " I muttered to myself, feeding Justine peanut butter. A smile broke out on her face, but she quickly refocused.

I let her do her thing, and Justine actually let me massage her gums while feeding her peanut butter. Afterwards, Bianca got dressed and left I wished her good luck and left for the grocery store. I figured Bianca hadn't had a regular, processed sugar filled home cooked meal so I cooked a ton of food for her. Hopefully a celebration, but comfort food as well. I used all of Aunt's Patty's recipes. When she returned, I rushed her immediately.

"Hey. How'd it go?!?" I exclaimed, making her a plate of food.

"Better than I even planned! We set up a meeting next week in California." she gushed excitedly.

"Ohmygod! Congratulations!!! Tell me everything." I demanded, pulling her in for a hug.

She told me word for word what happened.

"I couldn't even think... I didn't even know what to say! I told him I'd have to get back to him when he first offered the meeting. Then I spent about an hour buying random things until I saw him again and told him next week was great." Bianca laughed at herself.

"At least you got the meeting! That's amazing." I smiled. "Eat! Eat! Then we'll go out and celebrate!"

"Why don't we just hang out here?" Bianca suggested, pushing her plate away.

"You don't wanna go out?"

"Where? Another bar and a cover band?"

"I do other stuff..." I lied. I had no idea where else to take her.

"Let's just chill here."


I texted everyone that we weren't going out but they were welcomed to come to my house. As they arrived, we ate and drank and toasted Bianca. When Blake and Jordan showed up, everyone cheered, congratulated and toasted them on the engagement. Jordan proudly showed off her ring. She told us about how Blake set up candles in the shape of a heart at their favorite restaurant and got on one knee to propose to her.

"That's so romantic." Peyton cooed.

" when's your due, wedding date?" I asked, slyly.

Jordan immediately shut me down. "I'm not pregnant and we haven't picked a date yet."

"Yeah but we don't want a long engagement so we can get started right away." Blake grinned triumphantly, putting his arm around Jordan. She beamed at him.

"Right... We'll see what comes first: a wedding or a baby. " I joked.

"Don't be jealous Lily. You had your shot." Blake tossed at me. While everyone "ohhhed" and exclaimed, I put my hands on my hips.

"Excuse me? My shot? That never happened!"

"You don't remember our date at Denny's?"

"Pancakes? For real?" I said, incredulously.

"I paid, so it was a date. A cheap one, but still a date." he goaded me.

"I'm gonna call you Odell with that reach."

Forrest laughed out loud, knowing the Blake was a cowboy fan and would hate the mention of Odell.

"Fuck Odell Beckham!!!" Blake seethed.

I went to refill cups and heard Dominick and Bianca in the kitchen discussing Richard.

"Have you heard from Richard?" I asked Dominick when I joined them.

He bristled at me. "Why?"

"'Cause I invited him over. No offense, but I see you all the time at the gym. I haven't seen him in forever. Where is he at?"

"I don't know. Call him. I'm not his keeper." he told me.

"But you're his roommate..."  I trailed off, dialing Richard.

Bianca shook her head at him as the phone rang.

"Hello?" he finally answered.

"So you coming over or are you stopping by?" I asked him.

"Wasn't planning on it but that doesn't sound like a choice."

"It's a choice... But a bad one. You're roommate just bought over a few bottles and said you're not doing shit. Come help us drink and celebrate."


We decided to start the fire pit so I called Richard back to ask him to bring me some marshmallows. Forrest sweetly carried down an office chair from upstairs for Rocky to sit on outside. We all found spots on the deck. I told everyone my next project would be my backyard as we drank and talked.

I went to go answer the door for Richard when he finally arrived. I hugged him and escorted him outside to the backyard. He bought me the hugest campfire marshmallows I've ever seen and I pulled them open excitedly. As we roasted marshmallows and drank, Richard shared my blanket with me.

"Kinda disappointed to see you weren't wearing the red boots for me." he told me.

I laughed at him. It was a joke alluding to the time I met him to inspect my house and I shamelessly came on to him. Enough time had past so I could laugh about it without being mortified. "They were ginger- not red. And your completely safe. No plans to seduce you tonight."

"Shame." he smiled at me. "Are you dating anyone right now?"

I curled my lips as I thought about the answer.

"You're thinking about that way too long. Don't lie." he laughed at me.

"What are you lying about?" Bianca asked me.

"I'm not-" I started the same time Richard answered for me.

"Whether she's in a relationship." My phone rang so I escaped the question by answering the door for Sammy and Corey. I gave them a group hug before leading them to the backyard.

"...that's what she says, but she's not trying to date anyone else. One guy at the comedy show tried to talk to her-" Staci was gossiping about me when I came back.

"First of all, I'm not in a committed relationship with anyone. 2nd of all, stop telling my business Staci! And third of all, that guy was 5ft-nothing and on a date!" I exclaimed.

Staci laughed at me, good humoured. "He was my height, so 5'6 and he said it was a group thing. Their lady friends got them tickets-"

"Even worse- a grown man on a group date and didn't even buy the tickets." I shook my head.

That got everyone debating about whether a man always needs to pay the bills or if the woman should pick up the tab every now and again. As I got drinks for Sammy and Corey, Bianca mentioned to me, "Uriel is way past 6 feet."

"Uriel's trying to get laid." I snipped.

"And?" Bianca asked. I ignored her and returned to my spot next to Richard.

"I would pay for you if we went out." he flirted with me.

"Shut up!" I told him, cuddling under the covers with him.  With Richard, I knew it was harmless. He flirted with me all the time but never made a move. Mostly because I was tipsy, I flirted back.

Once everyone got settled in for the night or left, Bianca pulled me aside.

"Are you really thinking about going on a date with Richard?" she asked me.

"Nah. He was just playing around." I said as I straightened up the living room.

"Good." she nodded.

"Wait. I'm so confused. You want me to date around. Just not Richard? What's wrong with Richard?"

"Just trust me- don't go there with Richard. Keep your options open though. Like Uriel."

I didn't comment on that because I wasn't going to date Richard.

 "Why didn't you eat? I cooked for you- and don't say it's because of your diet because you inhaled a cheeseburger the other night."

"I ate." she held up an almost empty bag of marshmallows.


"I just wanted dessert." she offered with a shrug.

I was putting the remotes up when I saw her weird humidifier. Maybe the fumes were affecting her brain and appetite. "What the fuck is that?"

"It's a diffuser. Aromatherapy. That's yours to keep." she told me.

"Yay..." I said, sarcastically.

She threw the bag of marshmallows at me. I caught it, pulled one out and ate it.


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